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Iyengar Yoga


Read what my students have to say!

"I started practicing yoga with Geeta's instruction at Yang's. I loved the class but could only attend when not working. Since she has offered Zoom classes I try to practice with her 4 times weekly. I love her instruction because it's not just about the pose itself but what the purpose of the pose is and what it represents. We are also learning about yoga philosophy in general which is awesome and has me continuously wanting to learn more.


I thoroughly enjoy the classes from start to finish. The sequencing as well as the cadence of the practice is perfect. Recently I have begun to do the recordings of her classes when I miss, due to work, and really benefit from those as well.


I cannot say enough about how great YogawithGeeta is!"


- Cathy Torres




"Yoga with Geeta has both a physical and a spiritual dimension that has deeply affected me on multiple levels. When I started yoga I had recently recovered from a knee replacement, and Geeta gently helped me find my own level for every pose. I have always felt most comfortable when yoga was approached as a spiritual practice, and with Geeta, it is clear that she lives and breathes the teachings of yoga. It has been a wonderful gift to have Zoom classes, to hear her non-judgemental voice, and to feel that I have grown enormously in the past two years. Also, her yoga classes challenge participants, no matter the level of practice.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"


- Jean Trounstine



"Yoga is a gift and Geeta knows how to deliver that gift. I joined her classes in 2014 to gain some flexibility and strength. Little did I know that it will help me with tinnitus! I used to hear buzzing, hissing sounds and sometimes drainage in my ears. Geeta helped me with few sequences that released my neck and shoulders and I now know how to manage my condition. I am enjoying quality of life for which I am very grateful"


- Mellissa. D.


"Geeta is my favorite yoga teacher! She is a kind spirit with a gentle soul, thoughtful, and patient. Her tailored yoga practice is a great mix of strength, flow, deep breathing, and relaxation. I love my weekly sessions. Her space is the perfect safe haven, filled with love and great energy. I’ve never felt stronger, more in-tuned with my mind and body or as centered. I absolutely encourage you to book a session!"





"Geeta Vallecha’s yoga classes offer you a rigorous practice that leads to the alignment of the body with the breath; her teaching is based on her study of centuries-old yoga sutras and her own experience as a practitioner of various branches of yoga. Geeta is an inspiring teacher; she is also able to respond individually to a group of students who are at different levels of yoga experience. She is a keen observer of our abilities, our strength and flexibility, and her coaching always includes modifications of the asanas (poses) whenever it is appropriate. She emphasizes the equal importance of daily practice and non-attachment, so her students can develop an understanding of the ever-changing quality of the body, the breath, and our day to day experience. We are learning that it may be tempting to become attached to the achievement of asanas, but without the practice of pranayama and subsequent meditation, the full experience of yoga is diminished.


Have I mentioned that we are also reminded in class to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, no matter how challenging the practice may be? Geeta uses her warmth and her sense of humor to help us along. These classes immerse you in the paradox of the commitment to applying great effort while also letting go, always “just for now.”


-Anne Racer


 "Geeta is expert in knowledge of body movement, vast / various tips & techniques to improve flexibility & her attention to detail make for a great instructor! She uses that perception to help students to correct & improve techniques while also catering individual plans to achieve individual goals throughout each session. She also has the critical ability to challenge students while keeping the classes enjoyable, informative & highly recommended! 


Thank you Geeta for all the good work, You truly are the best private yoga instructor. I love your dedication and Knowledge about yoga. Thank you so much !!"



"I have been practicing yoga with Geeta Vallecha for over 7 years.  I started with her as a complete beginner, hoping to improve my flexibility, strength, and stability.  I was also seeking a more mindful approach to life in general and had a yearning for a deeper connection to the self.


As a competitive athlete, I found yoga to be a bit intimidating at first. However, Geeta's gentle and knowledgeable approach to yoga allowed me to persevere.   Geeta's classes are challenging, always different, and can be adapted for any level.  Geeta has also incorporated many Pranayam and meditation practices into her classes, which have enriched the overall experiences even more, 


Not only have I gained the flexibility, stability and strength I hoped for,  Geeta has taught me invaluable lessons regarding the self, spiritual connection, and how to live a life full of peace and purpose.


 Yoga has now become an essential part of my daily life and I cannot imagine life without Geeta and her wisdom/guidance."

-Nina Caron

Geeta's regular classes started out as a grounding series in the beginning months of the pandemic, but soon became a central tenet of my physical, emotional, and physical practice. I had studied with Geeta in person for a number of years, off and on because I had moved away. I have been delighted and grateful that Geeta's flexible online offerings enable me to study with her, and to practice yoga very regularly, from anywhere via Zoom. Her classes have always been intentional, from the progression of poses to the instruction of each pose, including accommodating options with personalized cues, and to the underlying Yoga Philosophy. The wisdom she shares from this philosophy impacts my life deeply, and I often jot down what she shares on sticky notes. One particular teaching, on ahinsa, or non-violence, stands out, "When you judge yourself, you break your own heart.  When you judge another, you take away their freedom."  


Geeta's monthly yin classes are a highlight and an important moment to turn inward, with compassion, and "to connect with the inner body."  Her workshop offerings, including on Pranayam and medication, enrich and deepen not only my yoga practice but also my everyday routine: the breathwork practices she teaches are important, elemental, and transfer 'off the yoga mat,' as it were.  The authenticity, expertise, and passion Geeta brings to her teaching and to her yoga community have helped me to strengthen my own inner voice, physical flexibility, and overall authenticity - all while building community with others who are on similar, individual paths.


- Wendy, VT

"I feel so grateful to have the opportunity to practice with Geeta multiple times each week. She creates a wonderful sense of community and cares about our overall well being. She has a nuturing demeanor and tremendous knowledge of yoga teachings both of which she shares willingly.  


After having practiced for years with her in person, I was amazed at how quickly and seamlessly she provided us with virtual offerings during the pandemic. Her classes provided peace and balance during an uncertain and difficult time.  The virtual classes are perfect for me and customized to accomodate all levels of yogis. Geeta has well thought out structure and purpose for each class and no two are the same.  My body has never been stronger or more flexible. I had an ACL replacement that, despite staying active and lifting weights to keep the muscles strong, had been bothering me for years and when I started committing to yoga with Geeta three times a week, the knee pain disappeared. -


-Beth M

Geeta’s extensive knowledge and love of all aspects of yoga are evident in every carefully constructed class. Even in the virtual classroom, it feels as if we are all working together as she provides individualized corrections and encouragement. I have practiced with Geeta for several years, and with her gentle guidance I continue to gain strength and flexibility as I explore the edge of my abilities.


-Maureen Sundberg


Senior Yoga Class
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