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ABOUT GEETA Geeta is fully immersed in the discipline and practice of Yoga, she believes yoga is a necessity for everyone to balance the nervous system. Yoga is much more than just an alternative form of exercise.  It is a path that brings people closer to their true nature, important for gaining true health and happiness.  Geeta uses detailed and quality instructions in her yoga classes to integrate challenging and powerful flow of "asanas" with proper breathing, deep meditation and relaxation techniques. The intensity of Yoga can be modulated for every fitness level. Substantially improving flexibility, strength and balance, Yoga allows even the top athlete to improve their game. Geeta loves working with people and is enthusiastic in helping people thrive through sharing her practice.  


Her certifications include - 500 RYT, Yin yoga, classic form of Hatha yoga, PIYO, YogaFit and Balyoga,  She has participated in numerous yoga, meditation and breath-workshops for a deeper study of the mind and body field. Geeta loves reading classic and ancient books on yoga to understand the deeper meaning of yoga and is currently studying YogaSutra,Vedanta philosophy with her teachers.  She is also an advanced Reiki practitioner and loves to share Reiki/energy in her classes. Expect to stretch, twist, breath, laugh sweat and ultimately find your balance in her classes.  

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